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Khao Sok Nam Talu cave hike images

ByKhun Moo

Dec 10, 2018

An option on our Khao Sok National Park tour is a visit to the Nam Talu Cave. The cave trek starts with about an hour’s worth of walking on a lovely trail that meanders through the thick old-growth jungle.

Once you reach the mouth of the Nam Talu cave, you put all of your gear into dry bags as the cave has a river running through it. Note: we do not go into this cave if it is raining. Before actually entering the cave, we will show you some big honey combs that are located very high up on a limestone cliff.

The first half of cave is very voluminous. The ceiling is high and there are no tight spots. You will see some incredible cave creatures such as spiders (not dangerous), crickets, whip scorpions (not dangerous as they’re not venomous), cave catfish, frogs and toads.

Once you reach a certain area, the cave gets more narrow. This increases the speed of the water, but again, we only go in when it’s safe to do so. There are some slightly tricky sections. Ropes have been placed in these areas to help you get through safely.

There are two short stretches where you will be in deeper water. Just relax and enjoy the cool water and the uniqueness of the experience.

Shortly after that, you’ll emerge from your adventure, feeling like you accomplished something special… which you did!

A short walk puts you back on the same trail that you were on earlier, but much closer to the start of the trek.

All in all, this is a wonderful and exciting experience that will leave you feeling very satisfied and happy.

This very popular hike is not dangerous if basic safety procedures are followed. Do not go into this cave if it is raining. Do not go into this cave with unqualified guides. “Local” doesn’t necessarily mean safe.

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cave-frog_th-8154408 cave-crab_th-8719931 cave-cricket_th-6233908 cave-spider1_th-5798575 roundleaf-bat_th-7239760

roundleaf-bat1_th-9216460 whipscorpion_th-7766013 short-nosed-bat_th-1460690