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Mail order brides are women who eagerly communicate with Western men and look for a spouse in the US, Canada, and Europe. They often turn to international marriage agencies or independently register on mail order bride websites.

Unlike child brides, these women do not have a specific social background and are usually educated. In fact, many of them are even professionals. They have great appearances and are looking for a loving husband who will be devoted to them.


Mail order brides have a long and fascinating history. While they may seem like a modern phenomenon, the concept of these women dates back to the 1880s. Today, they are still an important part of international marriage markets.

Initially, the concept of mail order brides was developed on the American frontier during the Gold Rush, when men lacked wives. They would place advertisements in the eastern newspapers, requesting brides. Interested single women would write to them and eventually become their brides.

All About Mailorder Brides

In the nineteenth century, these mail-order brides were seen as pioneering women who wanted to live a life on the frontier. Many women were scouted from other countries, including Europe, Japan, and Korea.

These women were often called “picture brides” because they would send photographs of themselves. They also sent letters and stories of their lives back home.

The idea that these women were desperate and exploited is a myth; the reality is that these ladies were often treated with respect and dignity. They were even given a trousseau of clothing and linens when they arrived at Jamestown, Virginia, to become their husbands’ lawfully wedded wives.

Despite the negative stereotypes, some of these women were genuinely interested in moving to America and finding a new life for themselves. They were excited to see what the West had to offer and wanted a life of adventure.

In the early seventeenth century, when Jamestown was struggling to find enough male colonists for its growing population, marital immigration was a key issue. These women were given a chance at a better life and the ability to work in the colonies.

Today, some of these women are abused and exploited by their husbands. In fact, the news has been filled with gruesome stories of domestic abuse and murders among mail order brides. In response to these stories, some countries have enacted laws to protect these women. These laws are called IMBRA (International Marriage Brokerage Restrictions Act).

Social background

All About Mailorder Brides

A mail order bride is a woman who is listed on a website for prospective marriages. These women are generally from countries of the former Eastern Bloc and Southeast Asia, but they can also be found in other regions of the world.

Mail-order brides are a part of the continuum of trafficking in women, including sex tourism, the international migration of women for labor, and forced migration to become child brides (Narayan, 1995; Jackson, 2002). These women are bought and sold on the internet by affluent foreign men for economic gain, usually through a broker.

Although some scholars have argued that there is over emphasis on the trafficking aspects of mail-order brides, it is still a form of human trafficking and should be addressed. Additionally, many mail-order brides are bought by pimps who use them for prostitution.

One of the more common ways to find a mail-order bride is through an online dating site. These websites allow brides to communicate with prospective husbands from anywhere in the world without having to worry about language barriers or cultural differences.

The most obvious reason why these types of sites have become popular is that they make the search for love easier than ever before. These sites allow brides to upload their photographs and profiles to a wide audience, giving them the opportunity to find a suitable husband in a short amount of time.

Another reason why these sites have gained popularity is that they are a great way to meet people from around the world who have a common interest. For example, many girls who join these sites have a passion for learning languages or traveling.

These girls can then use these interests to connect with potential husbands and start a new life in their chosen country. It’s also a great way to learn about a new culture, and the best part is that it is relatively safe for girls.

All About Mailorder Brides

Whether you are interested in history, online dating, or simply trying to understand a woman’s psyche, the social background of a mail order bride is a fascinating subject. It’s a good idea to take a closer look at her background so you can understand why she was drawn to this path in the first place.

Purpose of marriage

Traditionally, men and women seek to marry for the same reason: to share a life together. But in the modern world, marriages are often arranged for economic reasons rather than to meet the personal needs of the bride and groom.

This has created a situation where women are forced into sexual slavery and human trafficking, even when they are not involved in prostitution. They are also coerced into forced relationships with husbands who often abuse them (Narayan, 1995; Jackson, 2002; Weller & Junck, 2014).

However, the purpose of marriage has changed, and it now has more to do with finding love and building long-term commitments. This is a trend that continues to grow.

All About Mailorder Brides

Today, many men are looking for mail order brides from different parts of the world to help them build long-term relationships and live happy and stable lives. They are also looking for a partner who shares the same values and goals and is willing to start a family.

The majority of mail order brides are seeking to find a man from Western countries, such as the U.S., Australia, and Europe. These countries have good economy and social services, which makes them more attractive to women from other regions who want to have a better life.

They also have better communication skills and can provide more security. This is especially important for single women who may not have the opportunity to meet many people.

These women are looking for a serious relationship with someone they can trust and be devoted to for the rest of their lives. They are not interested in short-term hookups or dating with men who don’t have the same interests and goals as they do.

In contrast, most Western men are looking for a traditional wife who is attentive in her role as a housewife and focused on the family. They are not interested in the woman’s career, or in her outside interests.

These differences between the two sets of expectations are often the source of tension in the relationship. This is particularly the case if the women do not share the same values and goals.


Many women prefer to be involved in a serious relationship with someone who is ready for marriage, and that’s why they register on specialized mail order bride sites. The safety of these women is a priority, and this is why the services usually have high security features.

Moreover, these services are constantly improving their security measures to ensure that all data is protected. These platforms also require extensive background checks on men who wish to use their services. The information is then sent to the woman so that she can decide whether or not to proceed with the relationship.

These women are also careful about the type of man they want to date. They’re not willing to be involved with someone who doesn’t have a good job or who isn’t ready to get married.

However, these girls are also vulnerable to scams and other illegal activities. To avoid these, it’s important to understand the laws and regulations that apply to mail order brides and their husbands.

In the United States, law enforcement agencies must implement and enforce the International Marriage Broker Regulation Act (IMBRA). IMBRA requires that all men using IMBs provide extensive personal information about themselves, including their credit history, criminal arrests, and previous marriages.

The act also mandates that any man who wants to marry a foreign woman must undergo a lengthy background check and be sure that the woman has agreed to the marriage before they can contact her. This is to protect vulnerable women, who are often coming to the United States as foreigners.

Tahirih, which drafted the IMBRA legislation, is working to enforce the law and prevent future victims from falling prey to predators. “As a result of our work to protect women and children from the threat of abusers who exploit international marriage brokers, we are pleased that Congress passed IMBRA in 2005 and we will continue to fight for its full implementation and enforcement,” Archi Pyati, Director of Public Policy at Tahirih, said.

Human trafficking, which is the illegal process of buying and selling people for profit, occurs with both child brides and mail order brides. Both are a form of trafficking and a violation of human rights as outlined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.