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Thailand insect image gallery #5

These images were taken at Khao Sok National Park in southern Thailand.

These photos do not enlarge.

Small bugs in Thailand

This guy is very small, probably less than half an inch in length.

Insects of Thailand

No need to visit outer space. There are aliens right here.

Thailand biting insects

Mean green flying ant thingy that bit me in spite of me rescuing it from the water.

Thailand butterfly image


Khao Sok caterpillar photo


Thailand small insects


Khao Sok national park hawk moth

Hawk moth (Sphingidae)

khao Sok hawk moth

Hawk moth (Sphingidae)

Khao Sok moth image

Family Cossidae, genus Zeuzera

Moths of Thailand

Family Cossidae, genus Zeuzera

Thailand moth

Family Cossidae, genus Zeuzera

Thailand hawk moth

Hawk moth (Sphingidae)

Butterfly chrysalis

Common Crow (butterfly) chrysalis stage