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Khao Sok National Park - Insect Gallery #3

Southern Thailand is an entomologist's paradise. Here is a selection of a few strange creatures.

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True bug of Thailand

Pyrops candelaria Fulgoridae or Lantern Bug

Thailand bugs

Lantern Bug (different coloration) Possibly a newly recorded species!

Thailand beetle

Snout Beetle? (Curculionidae)

Beetles of Thailand

Snout Beetles? (Curculionidae)

Small insects of Thailand

Mayfly (Ephemeroptera Baetidae)

Poisonous spiders in Thailand

Plataspidae family

Thailand pillbug insect image


Thailand small bug

Tituria sp., a leafhopper in the subfamily Ledrinae

Thailand bug bites

Scolopendridae Scolopendra

Thailand beetle photo

Lucanidae Eupatorus gracilicornis

Grasshoppers of Thailand


Spiders of Thailand

Lucanidae Eupatorus gracilicornis

Thailand insect

Eurybrachidae Messena

Khao Sok insect

Eurybrachidae Messena