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Insects of Thailand - Insect Gallery #2

There's a wild world of amazing insects in southern Thailand. Here is a selection of a few strange creatures.

These photos do not enlarge.

Stick insect of Thailand

Phasmidae Stick Insect (note: the red body could be from eating the toxic plant Aristolochia)

Thailand stink bug image

Stink Bug (a true bug)

Thailand butterfly

Giant Uranid Moth (Uranidae Uraniinae Lyssa zampa)

Thailand butterfly

Danaus genutia Common Tiger

Thailand bugs

Flatid Bug (Flatidae)

small bug thailand

That's a kayak paddle shaft. This strange creature was extremely small. It was less than an inch long.

small bug Thailand

Owlfly larvae
(family Ascalaphidae, order Neuroptera)

Trilobite insect Thailand

Trilobite insect

Thailand edible insects

Katydid (Tettigoniidae)

Thailand edible insects

Cicadas (Cicadidae)

Thailand insect

Syntominae Moth

Thailand insect image


Small spider of Thailand

Spiny Spider Gasteracantha species

Thailand beetle

Dynastinae Xylotrupes gideon

Small spider in Thailand


Spiders of Thailand


Thailand inseect


Thailand caterpillar


Thailand caterpillar


Thailand millipede